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Champagne & Ginger

Furniture & Home Decor

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I could never understand why the furniture that I bought off the High Street at top end prices, couldn’t manage the stress of family life, yet the 100-year-old sideboard from Great Great Aunty Maud has continued to stand strong and magnificent. Well the simple answer, and yes I know I sound like an old granny, is, they just don’t make furniture like they used to. You rarely see dovetail and biscuit joints, carved detailing or solid drawers. That is why at Champagne & Ginger, we only select well made, old, solid pieces of furniture to revamp. Sometimes these items just need a good oiling to replenish the bags of character that they already possessed, and other times a complete overhaul is needed. When we paint items, we use excellent quality paints, waxes and lacquers. We specialise in using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which suits the Classic French Country look we favour.

Not only do these rejuvenated items look great in your home, but you also have the satisfaction of knowing you have bought sustainably. Rather than a large piece of furniture heading to landfill just because it had some watermarks, it has been given the opportunity to carry on for another 50 years with a complete makeover and new lease of life.

To complement these items of vintage and antique furniture, we also sell beautiful home décor accessories. These items are carefully selected to ensure that all our pieces work well and sit together so that you can create the whole look.

We hope that scrolling thru our little website, you have been inspired to create a beautiful home for you and your family x
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Postal Address - 1 Sunningdale Grove Heighington LN4 1SP
Workshop - Karglen Industrial Estate Potterhanworth Road LN4 1HY

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