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Georgina The Librarian


art, stationery, and gifts Christmas, mothers day, birthday, hand made, artist, illustration, all

The Librarian is the brainchild of part time Designer-Maker Georgina Carr

Featuring library themed art, stationery, and gifts, the shop is full of designs illustrated by Georgina, who after many years believing she couldn't draw, suddenly realised she could.

All of the artwork is carefully drawn or painted in the peace and sanctity of Georgina's studio in rural Lincolnshire, that's the bit of England above Norfolk and cuddled by Yorkshire.

Georgina is for most of her day a real life librarian, with real life books, and she has amassed quite a large library of her own too. She is admittedly a bit stingy about loaning those out though!

She lives with her cat Bertie, who is chief chair stealer when in the studio, and her partner James, who is a bit of a car nut, in a house full of books where the tea is always brewing and there is always a sweet treat in the kitchen.
Instagram / FaceBook @georginathelibrarian

A small village north of Lincoln

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