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Little Book of Small Businesses

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Hello, I’m Polly, founder and creator of the Little Book of Small Businesses, a seasonal publication that celebrates and promotes independent businesses throughout Lincolnshire.

The Little Book has a readership all over Lincolnshire, from the north coast down to Stamford and everywhere in between! In venues with a lot of footfall, from museums, galleries, theatres, cafes, small business hubs, creative workshop spaces, independent shops, local markets, Lincolnshire events, and the list goes on!

The wonderful thing about this initiative is that it has created a community of independent businesses in Lincolnshire who discover each other in the pages and collaborate together for mutual benefit. We’re less about competition and more about collaboration! It also gives readers access to a whole host of local independent businesses and events that they may have not yet come across.

If you are an independent business in Lincolnshire and are thinking of ways to promote yourself, drop me a message or email - I’d love to hear from you
Facebook: Raven Design Co.


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