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Your Story Content Creation

Copywriter / Story Content Creation


content creation, creative content, storytelling, copywriting, blog writer, newsletters, PR, brand, all development, voice

Your Story Content Creation was a business born out of lockdown. It was a dream I’d fantasised about for years – since going on maternity leave in fact. My son is now five and Your Story is well into its second year. It all started with one client, one brand, I now have countless regular clients alongside one-off projects and a small team of what I like to call, Your Story Tellers. Writers, digital marketeers, press whizzes, with a wealth of experience whom I trust to work with my clients, writing under my brand name.
From the hospitality trade and food producers to mental health and wellbeing specialists, lifestyle brands and DMOs. The brands and businesses I find myself privileged to work with, are vast and varied. It’s never dull.

As former editor of Lincolnshire’s award-winning lifestyle magazine, The Journal, I’ve always had a love of the written word. Moving from Commercial Writer, to Sub-Editor, Features Writer and finally Editor of The Journal, that decade gave me the very best foundation, and a lot of time, on which to build the idea that my freelance work would, eventually, be based on. It was always the goal, but the timing was never right. Until Covid hit. I, like many, was put on furlough. The pause button was pushed on the magazine, and I suddenly had the space to think. It occurred to me that when it came to writing, for me it always came down to telling someone’s story – I love getting their passion and product down in words, and out there, giving their personality, and drive a voice. And that is where, and why, Your Story was born.

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